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bonlex A decorative laminate material for use in vacuum molding, created from a combination of the high-level technological capabilities built up by our company over its years as an integrated plastics manufacturer, and our design & development know-how. It comprises a base material that can be molded three-dimensionally by vacuum molding into the required design.
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*Superior processing compatibility
Bonlex can be processed into three-dimensional forms that are difficult to achieve with olefin-based materials.
It is compatible not only with vacuum molding but also with laminate processing techniques such as wrapping, and can be processed into a wide range of shapes including pull handles and hand holds.

*Environmentally-friendly laminate materials
Bonlex is manufactured from polyester-based materials, and releases virtually no harmful gases even when burned.
Bonlex burns at a relatively low temperature compared to other plastics, and therefore does little damage to incinerators. No formaldehyde, toluene or xylene is used in its manufacture.
In addition, the fact that no solvents are used in finishing the product-unlike those that require painting-make it an extremely environmentally friendly laminate material.

*Rich design potential
Bonlex is available in two finishes-mirror-surfaced (high-gloss) and matt (satin)-giving a high-class appearance with great depth.
We have a standard stock of 59 patterns and finishes including solid colors, wood finish, abstract patterns and metallic varieties.
We have also added 12 shades with our US series, which offer a high-grade pearl paint finish, extremely mark-resistant and abrasion-resistant, and extending the lineup to 71 finishes in total.
Coordinating this material with thicker lino edge in beautiful designs, and edge tapes in the same design, gives an even higher level of product finish.

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