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BONSET PS Shrinkable Film

BONSET PS Shrinkable Film
Polystyrene film for shrinkable labels
It is very safe film used for shrinkable labels. The principal component is styrene-butadiene copolymer. Also, plastic bottle labels made with this film are advantageous in recycling systems.


Name Thickness Main applications Characteristics
PS45T 60 General purpose label  General type
HTOEX 40,45,50 General purpose label  General type
PSNEX 40,45,50 Alternative to PVC Low Natural Shrinkage
HNK 30,40 General purpose label  General type
HNKH 30,40 Less heat resistant container High Shrinkage

Composition and component

Chemical name Content by weight (%) CAS no. No. by the Chemical Substances Control Law No. by the PRTR Law No. by the Industrial Safety and Health Law
Styrene-butadiene block copolymer 9050  9003-55-8  6-134  N/A N/A
Polystyren 1050  9003-53-6  6-120  N/A N/A

Chemical formula

Chemical formula

Physical and scientific properties

Physical properties Form Solid
Color Clear (film)
Odor Negligible odor
Scientific properties pH N/A
Explosive properties No
Boiling point N/A
Vapor pressure None
Auto ignition temperature N/A
Vapor density N/A
Specific gravity 1.01-1.05
Melting point It has no clear melting point, but becomes progressively softer in a wide range of temperatures (from about 100°C).

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Bonset America Corporation
Bonset Latin America S.A.

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