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Magnetic Materials

Magnetic Sheet Magnetic Sheet
We provide a variety of flexible sheets such as general-purpose rubber magnetic sheets, Whiteboard, Screen Sheets, Inkjet Sheets and Magnetite Sheets.
Electric Wave Absorbing Sheet Electric Wave Absorbing Sheet
In order to achieve an electromagnetic noise suppression effect for low- to high-frequency waves, we provide a variety of flexible resin sheets that can be adapted to installation sites.
High-Specific-Gravity Sheet High-Specific-Gravity Sheet
Featuring thermoplastic elastomer filled high with tungsten powder, these sheets offer flexibility and high processability despite having a density ratio of eight or larger.
Damping Materials Damping Materials
This new type of cutting-edge fixed type damping materials combines magnetic damping rubber and iron board. Compared to conventional gluing construction methods, the construction is easy as magnetic force is used for adhesion.

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