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Strong-magnetic-force-type Magnetic Sheet

Strong-magnetic-force-type Magnetic Sheet It is a rubber sheet, which uses neodymium system material that can obtain higher energy product than ferrite system material. It has good corrosion-resistance, and is superior in designing downsized devices.


- From the raw materials to production and delivery, the entire process is done in our own factory in Japan that takes environmental issues seriously.
- It is a strong magnetic sheet that is made from magnetic rare earth. Compared to the sheet using ferrite system material, it is more suitable for the design of downsized devices or for places that needs strong energy.
- It is flexible and has good mechanical strength.
- Isotropic neodymium, which is most appropriate for filling rubber sheets, is used as the magnetic material. It is a sheet with good corrosion-resistance and does not rust easily.


- Small motors, fan motors, various types of sensors, etc.

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