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Ultra-fine particle material

Ultra-fine particle powder

Ultra-fine particle powder C. I. Kasei Co., Ltd. has successfully mass-produced various metallic oxides, pigments, and composite ultra-fine oxide particles (collectively called NanoTek®) using the physical vapor synthesis (PVS) process. NanoTek® is an ultra-fine particle material created using a previously unknown process, which has made possible many functions which are unavailable using conventional materials. The unique particle shape, dispersability and excellent flow properties of NanoTek® contribute to these achievements.
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- It is nonconventional material made of ultra-fine particles manufactured using the Physical Vapor Synthesis (PVS) process.
- Various types of ultra-fine particle material can be manufactured to meet customers’ needs.
- Allowing stable supply of ultra-fine particle material of approx. 30 nm in average diameter
- Mass producible for industrial use, setting the pace for application in various industries
- Mostly spherical (dependent on oxide type).
- Excellent dispersion characteristics
- Readily crystallized.
- Highly fluid.
- Superior handling with less adhesion to packaging containers

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