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White writing sheet

Mag-fit Mag-fit
We provide a roll type, which is easy to carry, and a fixed type. Provided surface colors are white, pink, ivory, and blue.
Isotropic Magnetic Sheet Isotropic Magnetic Sheet
Isotropic magnetic sheet is a magnetic sheet that uses isotropic strontium ferrite as the raw material and is made by a calendering process. It is a product of general-purpose grade, and is used as basic material for secondary processing. A plain version and a laminated PVC film version are provided.
Anisotropic Magnetic Sheet Anisotropic Magnetic Sheet
Compared to isotropic type, this is a higher grade sheet that uses a material with better magnetic properties. It is used in a wide variety of areas from general merchandise to industrial products. A plain version and a laminated PVC film version are provided.
Novelties (applied products) Novelties (applied products)
We can design products such as items for sales promotions, car stickers, stationery, and office supplies, by using magnet’s feature that we can freely and easily put it on and off a steel surface.
Whiteboard Whiteboard
It is a magnetic sheet in which the surface of an isotropic magnet is laminated with a specially-processed film. Just by attaching it to a steel partition, a blackboard, or a refrigerator, you can use it as a whiteboard or note board.
Magnetite Sheet Magnetite Sheet
Magnetite particles with magnetic properties are molded into a rubber sheet shape to make this magnetic sheet. By using it, you can change a surface, to which magnets do not stick, to one on which magnets can be used. Examples are: glass windows, mirrors, stainless steel plates, plastic plates, wood plates, etc.

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