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Agriculture Polyolefin Films

Tekinashi 5 Tekinashi 5
New Tekinashi 5 is here! The strength of Tekinashi 5 has been radically increased compared with the existing product line.
UV Protective Tekinashi 5 UV Protective Tekinashi 5
UV protective Tekinashi 5 is a 5-layered agricultural PO film that reduces diseases, pests (thus laborsaving) and the degradation of materials inside greenhouses, and is more durable than conventional UV protective films.
Coating 5+1 Coating 5+1
The 5-layered general purpose agricultural PO film with a drip-proof coating, which our company has recently developed by taking advantage of the 5-layered structure, has been released.
Sky Coat-5 Sky Coat-5
The transparency and drip-proofing of the conventional Sky Coat-5 was radically improved — the new Sky Coat-5 is here.
Shiro-shiro Coat-5 Shiro-shiro Coat-5
Sky Coat Shiro-shiro is upgraded and reborn as Shiro-shiro Coat-5 and is now even easier to use.
Grand King-5 Grand King-5
Grand King-5 is a 5-layered film with a gas shielding effect that our company has just developed by taking advantage of the technology used for Sky Coat-5.

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