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Agriculture PVC Films

Shine-up Shine-up
This new type of agricultural PVC film is an upgraded version of existing High-clean, a product which has long enjoyed patronage, and allows long-term setup.
High-clean Sky-eight-8 High-clean Sky-eight-8
It is the most durable agricultural PVC film that keeps dust away and has long-lasting elasticity.
Mist-Proof Sky-eight-8 Mist-proof Sky-eight-8
Fog-proof Sky-eight-8 is a mist-proof agricultural PVC film that our compnay developed before competitors. Unlike conventional films, this is an innovative agricultural PVC film that prevents fog and mist by the performance of the film itself and effectively controls the cultivation environment within greenhouses.
Saratto Sky-eight-8 Saratto Sky-eight-8
It is a user-friendly fog-proof agricultural PVC film for lining. Opening and closing is easy and smooth, as the name "Saratto" suggesting.

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